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Kirklees DofE & Covid-19 - IMPORTANT INFORMATION


The coronavirus doesn’t mean your DofE needs to stop – far from it. Whether you’re doing or delivering the DofE, everything you need to keep yours going can be found below or on the national website here: www.dofe.org/dofewithadifference


Kirklees DofE updates can be found listed below.


Hi All

I trust you are all well and I hope you have managed to have some sort of good summer with everything that has been going on. I have left it until now to send out anything to allow schools and colleges the time to get students back in and adapt to all the changes that will have been put in place.

I attended a regional Teams meeting update from the North DofE team and thought it would be good to send you some of the updates as well letting you know where we are up to in Kirklees.

2020 DofE Certificate of Achievement

- Available across all Award levels
- All registered participants from 1st June 2018 will fall within the criteria.
- All 3 sections approved will be included up to 31st July 2021.
- PDF Certificate of Achievement will be emailed out every 2 weeks to email address's linked to participant accounts
- Plans for Kirklees to print and send out these Certificates around the time of our Annual Presentation evening which will now be an online celebration. Details will be confirmed

Section Evidence

- Flexibility continues around activities from home and others that would not normally be allowed for the award. A lot of information and ideas have been posted on the #dofewithadifference webpages and social media. There are also some examples attached of Social Distanced Activities that are taking place across the North region. Please check with us if you are unsure.

- Parents are still not allowed to be assessors still. They can upload evidence to say what participants have been doing from home but the DofE are requesting that if no one else is available to do a report, the award leaders write a report about the updates and evidence given as to what they have achieved within that section. Adequate evidence is needed for award leaders to be able to write a report. Detailed log sheets/weekly eDofE notes and photos are all good ways to do this.

- Participants are able to change activities more than once, this can be done on eDofE, however participants are still required to fulfil the time requirements of the level of award. Minimum one hour a week over so many months.

- Participants are also being advised to use the DofE app on smartphones as this is the easiest and quickest way to upload evidence.

- We are also requesting that section end dates are to be set as the date the participant completes the section and not the date it is signed off on eDofE. We are finding more and more participants are having issues starting their next level due to the previous award being signed off later than they completed the activity.

- DofE are cracking down on section approvals and  assessor reports. Please make sure assessor reports are detailed including information about the activity undertaken and developments the participant has shown. We are seeing more and more sections sent back due to there not being enough information within the assessor reports.


There are many expedition changes already in place and there is an attachment to this email that shows these.

New changes since the summer include that Gold Practices can also count as Silver Qualifying expeditions.

Expedition changes will stay in place for the whole 2021 season at which point it will be reassessed for 2022.

Kirklees DofE are now able to approve expeditions again however we are not permitting overnight camping or basic accommodation at this time. Expeditions at this time must take advantage of the participants being able to sleep at home between expedition days. We cannot approve expeditions against COVID secure. This is the responsibility of each group and the government guidelines at that time, however considerations and suggestions might be made after looking at Risk Assessments and planning.

Gold Green forms for groups that decide to not enter Wild Country at this time only need sending to Kirklees DofE, to obtain a LENN number to input on eDofE.

It is worth checking what cover is given from your insurers and to make sure it covers everything you are doing, such as Covid-19 cover.

Residential section

- Residentials can be run with a minimum of four participants.
- Residentials can now be split over two weekends.
- Both parts must be complete within one year.
- Participants should be taking part in the same type of activity over each weekend, but each part can be with different people.

Next Level

Participants wanting to begin or progress to the next level of their award. They do not have to complete a full award before they can start the next level. However they can only progress on the sections they have completed at the previous level and must be with the age restrictions of the level.

Participants who gain their Certificate of Achievement can progress to the next level without having to go out on an expedition.

We have developed a new enrolment form which has been attached. We encourage new enrolment forms to be sent to us via email or by following in the link on the form to our Google Form enrolment form and payment to be made over the phone via card. Please send completed forms back to dofe.awards@kirklees.gov.uk and either leave a message with how to contact you or ring 01484 225952 and speak to Danielle who can take card payments. We still accept all existing forms of payment however cheques are taking a lot longer to process due to staff not being in the office. DofE nationally now send out enrolment packs after participants fill in their information on eDofE.

Little Deer Wood/Kirklees DofE

Over the summer we have tried to contact all participants registered with Kirklees to help support their DofE journey’s. If you know of anyone that still require some assistance or you as leaders could do with some help with the participants you are supporting, please contact me so we can look at how we can help.

We are trialling some expeditions utilising the DofE changes to the expedition section during the winter months. Hopefully this will give us an insight to how expeditions might look in 2021 with the current restrictions in place.

We are currently working really hard with the council to make Little Deer Wood COVID secure and be able to reopen the centre. As you can imagine, this is easier said than done with all the restrictions and changes.

2020-21 Cohort

The National DofE have requested information for plans around the 2020-21 cohort’s. There is absolutely no pressure to commit to anything regarding DofE with everything going on. However DofE, as well as ourselves at Kirklees are interested in the following:

-  Who are planning to offering DofE this year
-  When you will be thinking of enrolling
-  Predicted numbers you might allow to enrol

If award leaders could reply with any ideas to these points, it would be really helpful for us to pass back to DofE but also aid us to help you with enrolling new cohorts if needed.

Many Thanks for all your continued hard work at this time.



Dear Participant and Parent,

We wanted to write to you personally about the DofE Award Centres and the challenges we face over the coming months. First and foremost though, my thoughts go out to all participants, volunteers, staff and friends who have been affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. We hope that by pulling together we can get through this very difficult time. 

Since Kirklees DofE Award Trust was founded in 2007, we have worked hard to represent all young people in the Authority and to allow them the opportunity to become involved in the World's number one achievement award for young people.

It is vital to remember that the Trust is run by volunteers. They are from all walks of life and of course they receive no pay for their tireless hard work. Thanks to their prudent management, and support from people like you paying subscriptions, and also schools and other organisations buying the services of Little Deer Wood, we have been able to continue to offer the DofE Award in Kirklees. This, despite austerity and severe council cuts. Elsewhere in many other areas of the country, DofE has been lost and this excellent opportunity for young people has disappeared.

The Trust has invested funding into offering interesting and fun activities at both Mirfield and Almondbury Open Award Centres. The Little Deer Wood site at Mirfield (where D Zone and the WACKY holiday activity scheme operate), has, through additional fund raising, been able to build a new craft workshop where activities such as woodwork will be offered to young people when they are allowed to return. The Almondbury Centre has been completely redecorated and has benefitted from a new equipment storage area. Consequently, unless you are experiencing financial hardship as a result of the Coronavirus lockdown, it would be appreciated if you could please maintain your subscription if possible. This would help tide us over during this financial uncertainty. And of course, the DofE staff & Trust are available if anyone requires any individual support, so please don't hesitate to give us a call. This is an ideal time to complete most parts of the DofE.

Our web site has been updated with all the great activity ideas that are coming in to us. There are even some expedition training ideas and support on there. Please have a look at www.kirkleesdofe.org as we were one of the first areas to participate in #dofewithadifference
We have received so many messages of support for our staff and volunteers over the past few weeks and I personally thank you for these. We are a charity built on a passion for young people and introducing them to a myriad of opportunities and in particular the great outdoors. Your continued support is important.

Yours faithfully,

Kate Cross Kirklees DofE Award Trust Secretary
Denise Bedford MBE Kirklees DofE Manager


***OPEN AWARD CENTERS 17/3/20***

Due to the Government's announcement yesterday asking everyone to increase social-distancing, self-isolate and not to travel if possible, we've taken the difficult decision to close our Open Award Centre's after this weeks sessions, until further notice. Dzone will close after 17th March, and Amaze after 18th March. We will be keeping everyone updated via our website www.kirkleesdofe.org and on Twitter @KirkleesDofE.

Over this period we would encourage participants to use this time to update their eDofE and continue any part of their Award that they are able to do, or perhaps swap to a new skill, volunteering or physical activity that falls within Government guidelines in reducing the spread of
Covid-19. This could be learning a new skill at home such as sewing, playing an instrument, web design, gardening, life skills. If you are helping to support others, such as shopping for an elderly or vulnerable relative or neighbour then please also record this as volunteering. We have attached sectional activity logs for you to complete and upload to your account with details of any new activities you have been involved in. Please keep us updated so we can continue to promote the great work that young people do in Kirklees. Email addresses can be found below or message through your eDofE account.

Volunteering Activity Log (.PDF)
Skills Activity Log (.PDF)
Physical Activity Log (.PDF)

We will understand if you would like to cancel your standing order contribution for this month.

Thank you all for your concerns and continued support and we hope that sessions will be open as normal in the very near future.
Please all stay safe and we will be in touch as soon as we can.
Kirklees DofE Team


*** More Activity Ideas for the Covid-19 UPDATED 6/4/20 ***

We are trying to encourage everyone to continue with their Award or pick up their Award again where possible. There is some information on the website regarding how you could start completing your Award while we are socially isolating, www.dofe.org. If you already do a skill at home then you could log this, there are some Activity Log Sheets on our website and the main website. You could take up a new skill, online sign language is a popular one and BSL currently have a free course for those under 18. Take a look at main DofE website and see if there might be something that you could do at home for now. If you email me then I will take a look at your suggestion before you start.


It may be you have to change your activity for a while, I would ask that you confirm this with us prior to you starting it and also make sure that if falls within the Government guidelines on staying safe. I will be contactable via this email address.

Change of Activity Ideas

Switching Physical activities to something based at home may also be a good option. There are plenty of apps around that could help facilitate this e.g. Army Fit, the 100 press up challenge or home work outs.






Helping others at home



PE with Joe Wicks

English with David
Walliams (WorldofDavid


Missing Maps




Music Lessons with
Myleene Class https://

Keeping in touch with vulnerable neighbours

Jogging (e.g. Strava)




Raising cause awareness



Army Fit

First Aid – St John’s 

Leonard Cheshire



iDEA online 

Volunteer for BeMyEyes



Home workouts –
Search YouTube
e.g. 10 min workout
each day

Playing an

Community Care



Wii Fit


Help with providing
mealsfor the



Online Zumba lessons


Become an age UK
digital buddy



Yoga (Youtube –
Yoga with Adrian)

Tabletop Gaming
/ Board Games /

Loving Hands



Fitness challenges
(e.g. 100 press up challenge,
plank challenge, step challenge)


Volunteer to translate



Learn a martial art

Learn sign language


Gardening and the




Reading and
book reviews

Knitting / Crocket
hats for premature
born babies

Dance with Oti


Science and Nature
with Maddie Moate
and Gregg https://

Peer Education

Sport skills e.g. keepy uppy, dribbling, Basketball, Netball, Volleyball skills…

Maths with Carol
Vorderman (mathsfactor.com)

Animal Welfare



Cooking, Baking or
Food Tech with Jamie
Oliver https://www.


Communication - Teaching and using
social media positively
to contact your vulnerable friends and family. Writing letters


Table Tennis

Performing Arts – Singing,
Drama, Puppetry,
Circus Skills

Sports Leadership – Design and run sports classes (online or for your family)


Improve fitness  - doing many difference activities

Science and
Technology, STEM



Some of you may just need an assessors report and you can maybe email or ring the concerning assessors who might be able to find some time to now write your reports and upload them to eDofE. They can do this via www.dofe.org/assessor if they have your eDofE ID and level of award.

Please do get in touch if you require any support. We will continue to update our website with any other information along the way www.Kirkleesdofe.org



*** Alternative Activity Ideas for the Covid-19 UPDATED 26/3/20***

We have started a list of alternative ideas that participants can do at home until we get back to normality. We will add to it as more ideas come in.


  • Support siblings with school work

  • Design a learning programme for young children

  • Writing to elderly relatives and neighbours that are isolated.

  • Research and design flyers for charity.

  • Raise awareness of Covid-19 and how to prevent the spread – website, online poster etc.

  • Become an Energy Envoy – learn about saving energy and raise awareness of this. Projects can be found http://www.energyenvoys.org.uk/content/welcome. Please remember to stick to Government guidelines about staying in, not all of the project ideas are currently advisable.


  • Yoga – sessions can be found online

  • Running – log using Strava, Fitbit

  • Cycling – log using Strava, Fitbit

  • Keep fit – sessions can be found online/PE with Joe every morning at 9am on YouTube

  • Circuit training with a difference – use household objects to set up a circuit course.


  • First Aid – St John’s Ambulance have a self-teach First Aid workbook that is specifically designed for DofE that can be downloaded. You will need internet as there are links on there for supporting videos. https://www.sja.org.uk/dofeselfteachworkbook.pdf

  • Cooking or baking – Learn new skills in the kitchen cooking new recipes.

  • Design a recipe book using the ingredients that you have in your cupboard. Items such as egg are currently hard to come by, why not find alternatives to use to make cakes/buns etc.

  • Play a musical instruments – there are online courses and a number of music stars are doing weekly/daily sessions. Some teacher are teaching lessons via Skype/Facetime etc.

  • Gardening – learn about the upkeep of the garden. Plant seeds, grow vegetables/plants. Decorate some plant pots.

  • Build a website, learn coding. Plenty of online courses and information.

  • Design and make new board games.

  • Learn to draw, check out YouTube etc. for daily sessions.

Do not forget to check your change of activity with your award leaders/Kirklees DofE staff to make sure it is appropriate for both the section and is compliant with government advice.

We are also encouraging participants to share their ideas on social media with the hashtag #DofEwithadifference.