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Kirklees DofE & Covid-19 - IMPORTANT INFORMATION

Please read information for future DofE Activities.


*** More Activity Ideas for the Covid-19 UPDATED 6/4/20***

We are trying to encourage everyone to continue with their Award or pick up their Award again where possible. There is some information on the website regarding how you could start completing your Award while we are socially isolating, www.dofe.org. If you already do a skill at home then you could log this, there are some Activity Log Sheets on our website and the main website. You could take up a new skill, online sign language is a popular one and BSL currently have a free course for those under 18. Take a look at main DofE website and see if there might be something that you could do at home for now. If you email me then I will take a look at your suggestion before you start.


It may be you have to change your activity for a while, I would ask that you confirm this with us prior to you starting it and also make sure that if falls within the Government guidelines on staying safe. I will be contactable via this email address.

Change of Activity Ideas

Switching Physical activities to something based at home may also be a good option. There are plenty of apps around that could help facilitate this e.g. Army Fit, the 100 press up challenge or home work outs.






Helping others at home



PE with Joe Wicks

English with David
Walliams (WorldofDavid


Missing Maps




Music Lessons with
Myleene Class https://

Keeping in touch with vulnerable neighbours

Jogging (e.g. Strava)




Raising cause awareness



Army Fit

First Aid – St John’s 

Leonard Cheshire



iDEA online 

Volunteer for BeMyEyes



Home workouts –
Search YouTube
e.g. 10 min workout
each day

Playing an

Community Care



Wii Fit


Help with providing
mealsfor the



Online Zumba lessons


Become an age UK
digital buddy



Yoga (Youtube –
Yoga with Adrian)

Tabletop Gaming
/ Board Games /

Loving Hands



Fitness challenges
(e.g. 100 press up challenge,
plank challenge, step challenge)


Volunteer to translate



Learn a martial art

Learn sign language


Gardening and the




Reading and
book reviews

Knitting / Crocket
hats for premature
born babies

Dance with Oti


Science and Nature
with Maddie Moate
and Gregg https://

Peer Education

Sport skills e.g. keepy uppy, dribbling, Basketball, Netball, Volleyball skills…

Maths with Carol
Vorderman (mathsfactor.com)

Animal Welfare



Cooking, Baking or
Food Tech with Jamie
Oliver https://www.


Communication - Teaching and using
social media positively
to contact your vulnerable friends and family. Writing letters


Table Tennis

Performing Arts – Singing,
Drama, Puppetry,
Circus Skills

Sports Leadership – Design and run sports classes (online or for your family)


Improve fitness  - doing many difference activities

Science and
Technology, STEM



Some of you may just need an assessors report and you can maybe email or ring the concerning assessors who might be able to find some time to now write your reports and upload them to eDofE. They can do this via www.dofe.org/assessor if they have your eDofE ID and level of award.

Please do get in touch if you require any support. We will continue to update our website with any other information along the way www.Kirkleesdofe.org



*** Alternative Activity Ideas for the Covid-19 UPDATED 26/3/20***

We have started a list of alternative ideas that participants can do at home until we get back to normality. We will add to it as more ideas come in.


  • Support siblings with school work

  • Design a learning programme for young children

  • Writing to elderly relatives and neighbours that are isolated.

  • Research and design flyers for charity.

  • Raise awareness of Covid-19 and how to prevent the spread – website, online poster etc.

  • Become an Energy Envoy – learn about saving energy and raise awareness of this. Projects can be found http://www.energyenvoys.org.uk/content/welcome. Please remember to stick to Government guidelines about staying in, not all of the project ideas are currently advisable.


  • Yoga – sessions can be found online

  • Running – log using Strava, Fitbit

  • Cycling – log using Strava, Fitbit

  • Keep fit – sessions can be found online/PE with Joe every morning at 9am on YouTube

  • Circuit training with a difference – use household objects to set up a circuit course.


  • First Aid – St John’s Ambulance have a self-teach First Aid workbook that is specifically designed for DofE that can be downloaded. You will need internet as there are links on there for supporting videos. https://www.sja.org.uk/dofeselfteachworkbook.pdf

  • Cooking or baking – Learn new skills in the kitchen cooking new recipes.

  • Design a recipe book using the ingredients that you have in your cupboard. Items such as egg are currently hard to come by, why not find alternatives to use to make cakes/buns etc.

  • Play a musical instruments – there are online courses and a number of music stars are doing weekly/daily sessions. Some teacher are teaching lessons via Skype/Facetime etc.

  • Gardening – learn about the upkeep of the garden. Plant seeds, grow vegetables/plants. Decorate some plant pots.

  • Build a website, learn coding. Plenty of online courses and information.

  • Design and make new board games.

  • Learn to draw, check out YouTube etc. for daily sessions.

Do not forget to check your change of activity with your award leaders/Kirklees DofE staff to make sure it is appropriate for both the section and is compliant with government advice.

We are also encouraging participants to share their ideas on social media with the hashtag #DofEwithadifference.


***OPEN AWARD CENTERS 17/3/20***

Due to the Government's announcement yesterday asking everyone to increase social-distancing, self-isolate and not to travel if possible, we've taken the difficult decision to close our Open Award Centre's after this weeks sessions, until further notice. Dzone will close after 17th March, and Amaze after 18th March. We will be keeping everyone updated via our website www.kirkleesdofe.org and on Twitter @KirkleesDofE.

Over this period we would encourage participants to use this time to update their eDofE and continue any part of their Award that they are able to do, or perhaps swap to a new skill, volunteering or physical activity that falls within Government guidelines in reducing the spread of
Covid-19. This could be learning a new skill at home such as sewing, playing an instrument, web design, gardening, life skills. If you are helping to support others, such as shopping for an elderly or vulnerable relative or neighbour then please also record this as volunteering. We have attached sectional activity logs for you to complete and upload to your account with details of any new activities you have been involved in. Please keep us updated so we can continue to promote the great work that young people do in Kirklees. Email addresses can be found below or message through your eDofE account.

Volunteering Activity Log (.PDF)
Skills Activity Log (.PDF)
Physical Activity Log (.PDF)

We will understand if you would like to cancel your standing order contribution for this month.

Thank you all for your concerns and continued support and we hope that sessions will be open as normal in the very near future.
Please all stay safe and we will be in touch as soon as we can.
Kirklees DofE Team



Unfortunately due to the Covid-19 outbreak and official government advise, we have taken the hard decision to cancel events from further notice. This will be in effect until the Sunday 19 April where we will then be reassessing the situation and updated government advise closer to that time.

At the minute this includes:
March Expedition (Bronze, Silver & Gold Practice’s)
Greenhead Expedition Training Sessions
King James Silver Practice Expedition
Additional Needs Residential
Gold Spring Qualifying Expedition 

Please bear with us
Obviously at the minute we are unsure about what exactly is going to happen in the future and further advice will be sent out in the coming weeks concerning events you may be booked onto or helping out with and what is going to happen next. We will hope to reorganise new dates or slot groups into other events already planned. Please wait for us to contact you concerning this.

Borrowed Expedition Kit
If you have borrowed kit for the expedition at the weekend. Keep hold of this kit and keep it safe for the time being until we can confirm our next steps.

At this moment, I am sure you can all agree, the safety of our young people, volunteers, staff and extended families and friends needs to be our highest priority. So cancelling these events is the right thing to do.

Government advice
The Government's Coronavirus (COVID-19) webpage is frequently updated as things develop, so please check it regularly at www.gov.uk/coronavirus

Making sure everyone knows this information
Please to help spread this information, we will be putting a post on the website & Twitter to accompany this email.
School staff, please forward it to your students so that no one is missed.
Participants, please contact friends and group members to make sure they are aware of this email.
Kirklees DofE staff/volunteers, please just confirm you have seen this email with a simply reply or message.


Thank you all for your concerns and continue support in this matter.
Please all stay safe and we will be in touch as soon as we can.
Kirklees DofE Team