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Kirklees Groups Expedition Notification Process

Most groups will wish to provide their own expedition programme and Kirklees DofE supports this aim. The idea of this page is to point out the key facts in preparing and notification for your groups practise and qualifing expedition. All information can be found in the DofE Award Groups Operation Manual which can be downloaded here:

Kirklees Guideline (.PDF, 791k)

If you require further help, please contact Danny Kirkpatrick on 07976 497590 or email danny.kirkpatrick@kirklees.gov.uk


Leader Qualifications

All Leaders must be registered with Kirklees DofE by filling out a staff enrolment form and copies of all qualifications, DBS and driving qualification where needed, sent to Kirklees DofE before they are able to supervise an expedition group.

Expedition supervisors are required to hold one or more of the following nationally recognised qualifications (NGB’s) to conduct expeditions:

- Lowland Expedition Leader (LEL) Level 3 Award (or the old BEL level 2 or 3) issued by the Sports Leaders UK, for training/supervision of bronze, silver & gold awards within the remit of the BEL.

- The appropriate level of the Mountain Training, Lowland Leader (LL) or Hill & Moorland Leader (HML) both with the Expedition Skills Module, Walking Group Leader (WGL) or Mountain Leader Award (ML) issued by Mountain Leader Training UK for expeditions (on moorland terrain) within remit of the Award.

- Countryside Leader Award, for training/supervision of bronze and possible silver awards that are within the remit of the CLA.

- For other modes of transport (cycle, canoe etc.) consult with the D of E Manager concerning the appropriate qualifications or experience required.

- All supervisors must hold a current minimum 16 hour First Aid Certificate appropriate to the activities undertaken.

- The DofE Manager may recognise other qualifications/experience on a ‘case by case’ basis for more information please contact Kirklees DofE if you believe this may apply to you. Appendix 5 in the Guidelines includes a qualification matrix we currently use for DofE activities.

- Attendance at a D of E specific Supervisors course is highly recommended, as this concentrates on the ‘soft skills’ and Remote Supervision specific to D of E requirements. Kirklees Council offers this course. Contact the D of E Manager for further information.

- All expedition assessors must attend a DofE Assessors Accreditation Course and complete the registration requirements before assessing DofE expeditions.


Group/Leader Ratio's

A suitably Outdoor qualified supervisor shall take responsibility for no more than two teams undertaking either a practice or qualifying expedition.


Commercial Providers

External expeditions from commercial providers should comply with the requirements of Health and Safety Executive Licensing Regulations 2007 (if applicable). These providers must also be a DofE Approved Activity Provider (AAP). A list of these can be found on www.dofe.info The group co-ordinator must obtain the AALA licence number of any outside organisation offering commercial services and provide this to Kirklees Council.

In addition to this, Kirklees Registered groups must still gain approval of these expeditions. See Below about this process.


Pre Expedition Requirements

Before accrediting an application the D of E Co-ordinator will need to be satisfied that the Expedition meets the following requirements:

a) ExpeditionTeamCompetence
Team members shall be adequately trained and physically able and fit for the challenge chosen for the venture. (This is normally facilitated by the provision of adequate training and ‘practice’ expeditions and careful consideration of appropriateness to each team.)

b) Equipment
The group and personal expedition equipment must be fit for the nature of the expedition. All expedition teams should have their equipment checked by a qualified person prior to the expedition.

c) Supervisors and Assessors
We as the Licensed Organisation accredit all Assessors and Supervisors (except where they are provided by the relevant ‘DofE Expedition Areas Office’).
No group will be allowed to undertake expeditions without the correct ratio of adult supervisors. Multiple/Special Needs Groups, will need to review the Risk Assessment and increase the supervision as appropriate. We would strongly advise that an appropriatly qualified supervisor takes responsibility for no more than two expedition groups. This is 1:14 or 1:16 for tandem groups. At Gold Level, if the groups are being electronically tracked using a tracking device. The appropriate qualified supervisor can take responsibility for up to three groups with appropriate support in place.

d) Risk assessment
A Formal Risk Assessment has been carried out for each expedition; this must include campsites, proposed routes and the formation of a remote supervision plan.

e) Transport
In all circumstances, it is expected that all necessary precautions, legal and otherwise, are taken in the transportation of participants and leaders engaging in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Programme, including Roadworthiness, Kirklees Mini Bus Safety Test, Drivers hours, Breakdown cover, appropriate insurance, risk assessment.

f) Major Incident Plan
All expeditions should have a plan to cover a major incident (e.g. hospitalisation, injury to participants or leaders etc).


Notification Procedures/timescales

All practice and qualifying expeditions must be approved by Kirklees DofE and the relevant DofE Expedition area if appropriate. Failure to do this will invalidate the expedition.
This system of notification will ensure that Kirklees Council knows in advance which groups are undertaking expeditions and ensure that all requirements are met. Kirklees DofE staff is happy to assist with guidance, planning etc.. The appropriate DofE Expedition Area Office will also need notifying of your expedition.
Whilst appreciating that groups/schools may operate their own ‘Out of School Activities’ procedures, it is still necessary to notify Kirklees Council of any expeditions offered under the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award to ensure accreditation and insurance under the auspices of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

a) Expeditions in ‘Normal’ country (All Bronze and most Silver)
A Minimum of Six Weeks in Advance the information is to be uploaded onto EVOLVE and a completed Expedition Notification Form (EVDofE) should be attached to your EVOLVE entry. DofE groups that do not use EVOLVE must complete an Expedition Notification Form (EVDofE) and send to Kirklees DofE.
Once approved, all DofE groups will be notified with a Local Expedition Notification Number for the expedition.
Bronze expeditions should not normally take place in ‘D of E Expedition Areas’.

b) All Expeditions held in ‘D of E Expedition Areas’ (Wild Country)
‘DofE Expedition Areas’ are designated by The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (see the award website www.dofe.info for details).

A Minimum of Six Weeks in Advance the information is to be uploaded onto EVOLVE and a completed ‘Green’ Expedition Notification Form should be attached to your EVOLVE entry. For groups that do not use EVOLVE, they should complete a ‘Green’ Expedition Notification Form and should send to Kirklees Council. This is to gain approval for the expedition from Kirklees Council. On approval, all groups will be notified with a Local Expedition Notification Number for the expedition.

In addition to gaining approval from Kirklees Council, Groups must apply to the DofE via the Expedition Area secretary for approval to conduct any Expedition which is to take place in ‘DofE Expedition Areas’ as follows:

- Six weeks in advance by forwarding the ‘Green’ Expedition Notification Form and outline routes to the appropriate Expedition Area Office and if requesting an assessor.

- Four weeks in advance by forwarding the green expedition notification form and outline routes to the appropriate expedition area office if providing your own assessor.

On approval, you will receive a DofE Notification Number for each individual group undertaking an expedition in a ‘DofE Expedition Areas’. This Notification Number should be used on participant’s eDofE accounts.

c) Expedition Variations & Ventures Abroad.

Final approval may be needed from the Regional D of E office. Contact the D of E co-ordinator for advice at least twelve weeks ahead.

For ventures abroad there needs to be a great amount of planning and the D of E advise at least one year notification of plans. Therefore please involve the D of E co-ordinator as soon as possible.

If a qualifying expedition does not meet any of the 20 conditions (appendix 6) a variation request

form needs to be completed and sent to Kirklees Council for approval (variation form : http://www.dofe.info/go/expeditiondownloads/)

d) EVOLVE submission
For those groups who use Evolve the following procedures should be used.

1)  Complete the EV1 Duke of Edinburgh form EV DofE or DofE Green Form (depending on area of expedition) as this includes the specific Participant Number which the Operating Authority will need to know.

2)  Log onto Evolve

3)  Click ‘Add’.

4)  The Visit Name should start with ‘DofE’ and end with ‘Centre Name’ e.g. “DofE Bronze Expedition White Peak Mirfield Open Award Centre”

5)  Under ‘Primary Purpose’ on the drop down list click on ‘Duke of Edinburgh’

6)  Continue through the form until you get to...

7)  DoE Forms - upload the EV DofE or DofE Green Form as well as any other appropriate


8)  Complete the Evolve form by adding risk assessments and any other relevant documents (route maps/cards etc).

9)  When you are satisfied everything is in order click ‘Submit’.

10)  The form will be sent to your EVC who checks it and submits it to the Head Teacher.

11)  When the Head Teacher is satisfied everything is in place they click ‘Process’

12)  It will ask “If you wish to send an email notification to another user then enter their

email address below”. Type in Danny Kirkpatrick’ email address – danny.kirkpatrick@kirklees.gov.uk then form will then go to Kirklees DofE Development Officer.

e) None EVOLVE submission
If your group is not registered on EVOLVE, you must fill in an Expedition Notification Form (EVDofE) or a ‘Green’ Expedition Notification Form (downloadable: http://www.dofe.info/go/expeditiondownloads) depending on Expedition location and send it with copies of routes and risk assessments attached to The DofE Development Officer, Danny Kirkpatrick, The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, Little Deer Wood, Shepley Bridge Marina, Huddersfield Road, Mirfield, WF14 9HR or email it to danny.kirkpatrick@kikrlees.gov.uk.


Local Expedtion Notification Number (LENN)

The Kirklees DofE Development Officer, Danny Kirkpatrick, will formerly approve DofE trips. On approval, you will receive a Local Expedition Notification Number (LENN) for each expedition. This Notification Number should be used on participant’s eDofE accounts in addition to any 'DofE Expedition Area' Notification Numbers as applicable. Any Kirklees Registered DofE group that fails to get an LENN will mean the expedition is invalid. The Kirklees Education Visits Advisor, Ian Kirby, will then receive notification when the trip has been approved.



If a participant requires a variation on the 20 Conditions please see the Expedition Variation Map and Variation form for who will approve this for you.