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Activities at Little Deer Wood

Kirklees DofE Award Trust

At Little Deer Wood, we are able to offer many different activities with fully qualified instructors including:

Archery Shoot for Gold in our purposely built range with sheltered area to keep dry when shooting. Have up to four people shooting at once on our 10m range.
Bouldering Use the different routes set to climbing around our own Bouldering Barn. When the basic's are master, even have a go at Climbing on the roof route. There is also a tracking system down one side of the barn to give people with little of no mobility the feel for bouldering.
Bushcraft Learn to survive outdoors. Building waterproof shelters from natural materials, lighting fires for cooking and warmth and making use of your woodland surroundings for survival.
Canoeing Go canoeing in our open canoes and learn some basic paddle skills on the canal or for the more advanced go down the nearby weirs and river.
Canoe Rafting We have the ability to strap two canoes together to make it more stable on the water, ideal for fun with big groups, using sails, or groups with wheelchair users.
Camping Spend a night in a tent on our own small camping site.
Climbing Tower Climb up our specially designed climbing tower. With four lines and routes for the all different levels of climbing. We also had the tower specially designed for disabilty climbing.
Crate Stacking Challenge yourself to climb as high as you can on a tower of crates with the help of your team who will keep you safe and also help you to build the tower.
Conservation Little Deer Wood is a constant conservation project. It can be from growing plants and veg in the raised beds and green house, to looking after the wildlife, or just general up keep of the woods.
Cycling You can learn different skills while on site or go for a ride on one of the many routes near by to the centre. These include flat tarmac cycleways to more challenging woodland hilly bridlepaths.
Kayaking We do have the opportunity of going out on the water in single Kayaks.
First Aid Training We often provide Little Deer Wood as a training area for 16 hour (2 day) Outdoor First Aid course's that are needed to validate outdoor National Governing Body Award certificates.
Monkey Grips/ Dry Tooling Monkey grips are climbing holds that are strapped to trees. You can either climb up them or the holds are specially designed to do get an experience of dry tooling.
Navigation Skills Forever getting lost? Come and learn how to read different maps, use and compass and find out the different skills to get you to the exact spot on a map.
Orienteering Little Deer Wood has its own Orienteering Course with many different routes.
Paddleboarding Try some stand up paddleboarding on the the near by canal and river. Learn the basic skills and balance
Slack Lining Become a master of balance by walking and doing tricks on the Slack Lines.
Team Building We have many different team building activities that groups can take part in at Little Deer Wood to help the group work better as a team.