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Team Building at Little Deer Wood

Kirklees DofE Award Trust

At Little Deer Wood, we are able to offer many different team building activities. Here are just a few:

Blind Maze Make your way through a maze using ropes of chalk to line out the walls of the maze, the group must then communicate to a blind folded person walking round the maze.
Cross the Void Using chairs or carpet squares, in groups the must cross an area where they can not touch the floor. This can be progressed by taking away the number of chairs or carpet squares making the team having to work together more to get across.
Drain Pipes Using lengths of drain pipes the group must transport balls from one side of a field to a bucket at the other. This can be progressed on to using water which always makes for a lot of fun.
Hand Cuffs Using some specially made hand cuffs, people in a minimum of pairs must seperate themselves with out taking the hand cuffs off or braking them in frustration.
Name Leadership Game In a team of nine or more, you get eight of the teams names on paper and a blank piece. Put on floor in a 3x3 grid. Ask the people with names on paper to stand on a piece of paper as far away from their own name as possible and then the spare people must get everyone back to their own name by moving people left, right, up and down into the empty space on the grid.
Parachute Games There are many different parachute games that can help aid in team building and its also great fun.
People Bingo Using a ready made sheet with lots of boxes and different statements, you must go round the group and find a person to fit each of your statements. Forces people to communicate and find out a little more about each other.
Ski's The team step onto two large ski's, one foot on either ski. Using ropes to hold and communicating with each other, the team must start to walk a set route. Timing and teamwork is crucial for success.
Slack Lining Using the slack lines as a team building exercise helps trusting and helping other team members to walk across the line without falling off.
Spider Web The team start the task on one side of a large spiders web, the team must cross through the web without touching it, as this will awaken the spider. The team must work together to help each other through.
Toxic Bucket Using a system of four ropes and pulleys, the group must work to gether to get a bucket out of a toxic area buy pulling on the different ropes to hook the bucket and move it from the toxic area. Needs a great deal of thought and communication to make this work well.